MachinerySTMQ-350 Full-automatic high-speed cotton swabstick production line with precise-wrapping and box-packing

Features of the machine

  · Integration design. The machine can accomplish the processes of wrapping cotton, drying and packing automatically at one time only.
  · High production efficiency. The machine can produce 1000 swabsticks per minute. You can adjust the production speed at will.
  · The cotton head is full, clean and with an average size. The cotton heads and rods are wrapped firmly with each other and will not fall off.
  · Only 2 workers are required to operate the entire production line. The machine is easy to operate, and could save labor cost effectively.
  · Using our self-developed CNC system, the machine is well targeted. We achieve full automated production.
  · The machine adapts to production of swabsticks in various specifications after we apply special-use equipments. It has a wide range of application.
  · Convenient and fast to change specifications of products. The production line is suitable for small-quantity production in numerous types, and can meet market demand promptly.
  · The design of cotton-wrapping, drying and packing is unique, improving the qualified percentage of finished product effectively.
  · Self-designed drying system has duel functions including drying and steam condensing. It can dry quickly, and the drying effect is better.
  · We use servo drive system and Taiwan high-quality linear rail transmission in packing. It can fix the location precisely and quickly.
  · The high-quality imported pneumatic components has the functions of quick response and high reliability.
  · High stiffness overall framework and compact structure ensures the smooth operation of machine with low failure rate.
  · The integrated control screen can display plentiful contents and easy to control and operate.
  · Lock controlled power switch eliminates the possibility of maintenance with the machine on to ensure safety.

 Finished products

  · Front and back cabinet structure separates motive power and operating components. The structure is clear, easy to maintain and adjust.
  · All the operating components can be reached after the front door is open. There is no blind spot for the convenience of maintenance, adjustment and clearance.
  · The machine's structure is fully enclosed. Its appearance is novel and safe to operate.The whole machine is excellent in shape, brief and graceful.
  · The design of the machine's appearance is delicate and the color is bright. Human-centered design is beautiful, practical, and very modern.
  · The color of the machine can be customized.
  · With a full set of special-use maintenance equipments, convenient and practical.
The main technical prameters are as follows
Type STMQ-350
Cotton swabstick specification Length 73 mm
Rod diameter Φ 2.5 mm

Maximum production efficiency

1000 swabsticks/min
Temperature range of drying tunnel 130-150℃
Range of packing quantities 20-350 pcs/box (swabsticks/box)
Cotton's specification used 1.5 g
Power supply AC.380V.50Hz
Maximum power 13KW
Machine's weight 1000kg
Shape Size(L×W×H) 7000 mm × 1000 mm × 1540 mm

The fastest and the most labor-cost saving of full-automatic high-speed cotton swabstick production line with precise-wrapping and box-packin

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